Exhibition: Żydowski Dzierżoniów - Jewish Rychbach - Jüdisches Reichenbach 1945-1948 PDF Print E-mail

The exhibition, telling the extraordinary jewish post war story of the small town Dzierzoniow in english, polish and german, is already open to the public.

After World War II, many jewish survivors of the holocaust were settled in those parts of Lower Silesia, that had belonged to Germany until 1945. Next to Breslau/ Wrocław, a strong settlement of jewish population - who established their own cooperative structures - was also build in Reichenbach / Dzierżoniów. There were people that wanted to create a jewish settlement, a Yishuv, in Poland – others rather saw their stay as a stopover to prepare their exile.

With this project we want to get a picture of how the german inhabitants that stayed and the new jewish and non-jewish inhabitants (mostly polish settlers from the eastern territories) of Reichenbach lived together.

Zydowski Dzierżoniów-Jewish Rychbach-Jüdisches-Reichenbach 1945-1948  Download